What is Growing?

A list of vegetables grown in my garden.

Tomatoes - two varieties have been grown. Both were successful and produced fruit. Larger variety required greater care to ensure they are picked early enough to ensure they were not attacked by pests. Best to pick as soon as any colour starts to show on the fruit. Plants must be staked to ensure they are able to support the weight of the fruit.

Squash - mixed varieties produced an number of squash tubers. For best results manual pollination is required. See my blog post for details about pollination techniques.

Cucumber -  similar to the squash though hand-pollination  was not required for the production of  tubers. Over the course of the summer we picked quite a few cucumbers.

Capsicum - 6 plants of capsicum have produced and reasonable number of  capsicums. Interestingly, the plants started to produce the most fruit towards the end of summer when the plants started to look their worse.

Strawberries - three strawberry plants were planted and these have thrived over summer. Every two days or so we were getting strawberries off the vine. The tip for these is to uncover the plants while they are flowering to ensure pollination by bees. Once the strawberry fruits start to grow cover the plants with wire mesh to keep the birds away from the fruit. Pick fruits as soon as they are ready, leaving them on the plant too long will invite pests to feed on them.

Lettuce (Mixed) - the mixed lettuce varieties were sown in seed trays and raised to about 6-7cm high. They were then transferred to the beds. Once grown the leaves can be selectively harvested as needed.

Lettuce (Iceberg) - these plant were grown from bought seedlings. Started producing leaves fairly quickly but did not develop the typical iceberg shape.

Spring Onion -  planted from seedlings. Grew reasonably well but were planted in a garden that does not get as much sun as required. Small yield of spring onions. These are not really worth the effort as they are reasonably cheap to buy in supermarkets.

Bok-Choy - these were planted from seedlings. Plants grew reasonably well however they were quickly attacked by pests which rendered them unusable. Will try again next summer in a different bed.

Broccoli - planted from seedlings for winter crop.

Cauliflower - planted from seedlings for winter crop.

Parsley - planted from seedlings to replace old parsley plant that was removed from garden last year.